In November 2013 IciAnvers was awarded the DNA prize to develop a project for De coninkplein in Antwerp.

The project involves the creaton of a song, text and music, about De Coninckplein in Antwerp This will be achieved through workshops and exchanges with schools, retirement homes and visitors to the community center in the square. the final compositon and audio producton of the song will be done by the members of IciAnvers A music clip will be created to distribute on social media. The text of the song will be engraved in stone and placed in the square. The song is intended for use at various events and festivals in the square and the Permeke Library.
The aim is to reapropriate aspects of the area centred around the square by comemorating the cultural heritage of all it's inhabitants and their histories and by connecting these diverse groups within the community through a single form.

For more details and images about the project you can download the original presentation as a PDF file here

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