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01. Chirikli - 04:53
02.Navigation - 04:25
03. Comfort Women - 03:48
04. Sudden Departure - 06:30
05. Mystery Man - 05:28
06. Shout Out Loud - 05:06

This album is a compilation of new songs from 2013. Chirikli is a new version and Navigation has been remixed. Some were released as singles. All the songs were remastered to make a cohesive sounding album. This years creations were heavily influenced by the music that Mike Post wrote for the TV series NYPD Blue. Chirikli is written and sung in the Roma language and celebrates the Roma spirit overcoming lifes difficulties. Navigation is similar but more specific as it was written after our percussionist was deported to Serbia and we all went to Serbia and set up a studio in a hotel there to continue our work with Fehmi. Comfort Girls is in memory of women in Indonesia who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army in world war two, this refers to older members of Patries's direct family. Sudden departure is a song dedicated to a well known local broadcaster and event organiser in Antwerp who died unexpectedly young last year. Mystery Man is a bit of a spoof on a James bond theme and refers musically to the sounds Of the Lovejoys a Jamaican harmony duo. Shout out Loud is an attack on complacency and avoiding taking responsibility for events in daily life.